It is 1 am and you can’t sleep.  Maybe you were recently diagnosed and are on information overload.  Perhaps you just finished treatment and are worried about recurrence.  Whatever the reason, this blog is to let you know that I’ve been there and know how you feel.

A worry of mine is that cancer will develop in my other breast.  My mind plays games with me every now and again and I do a mental rewind to that moment of decision and second guess if I should have been more proactive and had a double mastectomy.  I don’t like to spend much time worrying about this or it drives me crazy and makes me feel like the photo below; the decision was the right one for me at the time I made it.  It seems easy to second guess now from the distance of hindsight. Besides, worry causes more wrinkles…

I texted this topic to a breast cancer friend of mine and her worry was “new cancer.” As if having breast cancer was a picnic, in advanced cases it spreads to other parts of the body.  My friend is unfortunately going through her personal guessing game hell of where it might appear next.

How do I push the worry out of my mind?  With the three P’s – prayer, positive thinking and proactive lifestyle. In the long run, my life is in God’s hands.  Sometimes I have to remember to let God and let go.

What is your worry?  “Deposit” it in the comments block below, then get back to bed!  Good night.