Welcome to the non-profit, Breast Cancer MyStory, an online resource and companion designed to provide information and hope for all those affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer MyStory IS

  • A soft space to land when you have the hard diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • A site that curates content for you – news and research, resources, and a personal blog through treatment, reconstruction and life “on the other side.”
  • A place to visit for personal advice while going through treatment.
  • A way to better understand your friend or loved one and support them while going through breast cancer.
  • A space, open 24-7, to look for answers, seek inspiration and find hope to quell your 1 am worries.
  • A repository of information assembled by someone who struggled to find balanced information while going through diagnosis and treatment.
  • Authored by someone who wants to save you time and by organizing valuable information all in one place to make it just a bit easier for you and others to come.

Breast Cancer MyStory is NOT

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Fingerprints don’t last forever, unless they are the kind that leave an indelible impression, just like my dad’s left on me. It was a year ago today that my father passed away. In reflecting on the first year without “dad,” I didn’t have to look much farther than my home to feel close to him.…

Sizing, Grading and Staging Breast Cancer

Growing up I was a good student, but had to apply myself for A’s. Correction, gym was very easy for me, but math was not. I have yet to be in an interview where my potential employer asked me what my grade point was, so what was all the hard work for anyway? But with…


So this year just happened…I became a grandmother…my dad passed away…I was a keynote speaker in Taiwan at a STEM education conference…my family cleaned out and sold my dad’s Marietta home…IN2 won a Chicago Innovation Award…I had a pacemaker implanted…my husband and I hiked the Inca Trail in Peru…and I resigned my leadership position at…

Mixed Blessings

Since my last post in July the time has been filled with mixed blessings. Incredible highs and unbearable lows. Let’s start with the biggest high first as just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. In August, I became a grandmother to a beautiful grandson, Leo. Witnessing your son and daughter-in-law’s transformation into…

Pushing Beyond

We all have limits. It’s moving beyond them that calls into question our character, inner drive and sensibilities. I can easily count the times in my life when I’ve been at the edge of my comfort zone and had to make the call to quit or to push forward. I faced the demon once again…

On Reaching Goals

I get giddy when I reach a goal. And then I am rudderless without another one. Goals motivate me, stretch me and get me planning. Goals reached are relished for the day, then get me wondering, “what’s next?” I remember when my goal was to walk down to the end of the block and back…