Welcome to the non-profit, Breast Cancer MyStory, an online resource and companion designed to provide information and hope for all those affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer MyStory IS

  • A soft space to land when you have the hard diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • A site that curates content for you – news and research, resources, and a personal blog through treatment, reconstruction and life “on the other side.”
  • A place to visit for personal advice while going through treatment.
  • A way to better understand your friend or loved one and support them while going through breast cancer.
  • A space, open 24-7, to look for answers, seek inspiration and find hope to quell your 1 am worries.
  • A repository of information assembled by someone who struggled to find balanced information while going through diagnosis and treatment.
  • Authored by someone who wants to save you time and by organizing valuable information all in one place to make it just a bit easier for you and others to come.

Breast Cancer MyStory is NOT

  • A space for advertisers, promotions or sponsored endorsements.
  • Connected to any healthcare providers, hospitals or professionals.
  • Written in hard to understand language.

Please share this site with your medical and home team or anyone you think may benefit.  And join us on Facebook and Twitter @breastcancermystory to keep in touch.

The Blessing of Fox Valley Food For Health

Sometimes great resources lay undiscovered until we are in need. Three years ago I was introduced to Fox Valley Food For Health (FVFFH) when a good friend of mine was battling Stage IV cancer and we were searching for meal resources. Fast forward to fall of 2019 when I was faced with back surgery and…

Struggle City

Everyone will visit at some point in your lives. Struggle City. Some of us are frequent flyers and a few are lucky to rarely pass through town. Maybe you are visiting or living there right now. If so, you know the vacancy sign is continuously lit. We all know someone who is struggling – health…

No Pain, No Gain?

As an athlete, I was led to believe in order to achieve you had to experience pain. Not the broken leg type of pain, but the internal exhaustion when you’ve pushed yourself to your absolute limits – physically and mentally. A place where grit overtakes the will to give up. A time to intentionally break…

Weeding Out

As an avid gardener, I know a key to yard work is to regularly schedule my time to maintain gardens. Planting and harvesting get much of the attention, however a hidden secret to a successful harvest lies in weeding. Yes, weeding is cruicial, not just for the look, but because pesky weeds steal away nutrients…

The Ten

10 Ways to Improve Your Health and to Minimize Your Risk for (Breast) Cancer Throughout the past decade, I’ve tracked the latest research on behalf of DCIS MyStory and Breast Cancer MyStory. This post summarizes health risk factors into “The Ten.” These are personal choices – actions – to stay/get healthy and to minimize your…

On Becoming Unbusy

Remember, you are the author of your own life and in becoming unbusy, you take control of the most valuable asset you have – your time. “Busy” seems to be an entirely acceptable answer today to the standard question, “How are you?”  But busy is only a state we put ourselves in. A frenzy. Busy…