When There Are No Words

T here are times in our lives when we simply have no words.  A time just after receiving some shocking news or witnessing a life changing event that leaves us utterly speechless. A time when the brain seems to replay the imprinted tape over and over to make sure it was interpreted correctly.  And when we open our eyes to the same reality, we are left with an empty and sick feeling.  A feeling that makes you want to run right out of your own skin. But you can’t run because you are frozen in place, in time.  A sickening realization then grips our being to adjust to this new reality as shock and denial set in.  It can’t be, you think.  But, by the look on the face of your (fill-in-the-blank + loved one, doctor, friend), this is the state of your new reality.

Perhaps you have been here or had to deliver impossible news to another.  At some point in our lives, we all suffer through physical or emotional turmoil.  Someone you know is going through this right now. What is important is not the words people respond with, but their being present for us.


Let this be a reminder to comfort a friend with your presence, sit quietly or walk along side them. Be present. Simply being there is what matters.

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