Carol Chatellier

Hometown: Succasunna, NJ

Breast Cancer Type:  Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Favorite Quote:  “Why not go out on a limb? That is where the fruit is.”



Carol’s Story: 
I was a busy mom when I read an article in Good Housekeeping magazine about the 7 warning signs of ovarian cancer…I had 4 of them. I went for a long overdue doctor appointment. I had a 10 lb growth on my ovary, (non cancerous) which required a hysterectomy. While in the hospital I had a mammogram, (another thing I had neglected) which brought my diagnosis of Stage 2 breast cancer.


How do you hope to inspire others with your story?  
I have been told my book is a useful tool not only to cancer patients but to their friends and family. People don’t honestly know what to say or do after diagnosis. I read quite a few books going into battle but most were depressing. I feel my book gives hope that there is in fact life after breast cancer. It’s an ”in your face tell it like it is” quirky journal of my trip. Here is a link to the book:

What is one thing you have learned about yourself by having breast cancer? 
I have found that I am a much stronger woman than I ever imagined. I can face anything now with my head held high.

How has breast cancer been a blessing in your life? 
I am from a close family…my parents and two brothers, their wives and assorted nieces and nephews. I have 2 beautiful daughters. We always knew we loved each other but now every conversation ends with ”love you” – it’s important to say that.

What advice would you would give someone newly diagnosed with your type of breast cancer:  
Call me? Read my book to have an idea what is ahead for you? Rely on your family and friends to help you through it. Take someone with you to doctors’ appointments…a fresh pair of ears and eyes helps, especially when you get overwhelmed by “doctor speak.”

What breast cancer stress or worry wakes you up at 1 am? 
The thought of recurrence is always in the back of your mind but you have to just shut it out and live your life to the fullest!




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