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Getting away from things gives one the space to be mindful. A recent trip to Switzerland with my husband, Steve, found us both amidst throngs of people in public spaces and alone together in very remote areas. A value of getting away is to leave it all behind (your worries, problems, stresses, threats and daily […]

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Relishing Normal

I had an annual physical with my GP last week. The same old pee in a cup, take some blood, step on the scale, listen to your heart and lungs and analyze your poop. Somehow, these normal tests have made me feel like I am once again myself. It has been just over five years […]

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When There Are No Words

There are times in our lives when we simply have no words.  A time just after receiving some shocking news or witnessing a life changing event that leaves us utterly speechless. A time when the brain seems to replay the imprinted tape over and over to make sure it was interpreted correctly.  And when we […]

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Mary’s Quilt

A quilt is a tapestry of fabric pieces that when sewn together create a personal masterpiece. The beauty of each quilt is in taking seemingly unrelated pieces and turning them into a work of art. A quilt can also be the timeless bond between young women who experienced something rare during our formative years that […]

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Jean K. Freeman, A Woman of Worth

Girls need female role models and mentors to help shape them into women of worth. Specifically, I want to recall one such woman, Jean Freeman, my former swimming coach at the University of Minnesota. Jean had a profound impact on me as an athlete and more importantly as an emerging female leader. Prior to my […]

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Unexpected Final Gifts

As we enter into the season of giving, this blog seems most fitting.   My mother passed away unexpectedly 31 years ago. I was in college at the time and remember returning home for the funeral only to discover a partially packed box mom had been preparing to mail me for Halloween. The box contained […]

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